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Is Black and White Photography Dead?

I offer Black and White options to most of my social photography customers but very few order…. why? I thought Black and White was meant to be really fashionable and creative…try my on-line survey. It’s very quick, only 5 questions:

February Snow Drops at Welford Park

I first came across Welford Park in conversation with a Buddhist friend of mine. I’ve been into plant photography for ages and I mentioned that I wanted to shoot Snowdrops. She immediately suggested Welford Park so as soon as I could, I headed up there. At first I was taken aback by the amount of […]


Hi Everyone. Welcome to my blog. Here, I’m going to showcase my personal work,  some of the interesting people I’ve met during my travels and some of the places I’ve been.  Sometimes I’ll touch on technical stuff but because I’m not too techy, don’t expect too much! This blog is about the things I love….or […]