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Fried Olives

How fabulous to take a few simple ingredients and turn them into something so scrummy. Domenico Maggi’s enthusiasm knows no bounds as he ululates lyrical about the wonderful ingredients available in the Apulia region. Introducing us to the ‘eternal’ tomato, he explains that they’re locally grown and if hung in the right conditions can be used in cooking for up to eight months. These were grown in his own vegetable garden. I marvel at what it must be like to live his life…top chef, presenter, traveller, exponent of Italian cuisine.

Showing us the Eternal Tomato

Start with a hot wok or pan, a few glugs of good quality virgin olive oil heated to smoking point, a couple of whole, peeled garlic cloves. Next, tumble in a whole punnet of fresh, black olives and fry. (Warn your guests about the stones…of course…..) Chuck in some ‘eternal’ tomatoes halved, flavoursome (very ripe, sweet cherry toms are fine too), then finally one dried, chopped chili – seeds n’ all and a couple of bay leaves. There you have it : sumptuous, savoury and ever so good for you.


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